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Farm grown snapdragons

Not Your Garden Variety

Premium, Florist-Choice Flower Varieties Grown Locally

Fresh Flower Studio is different because we grow many of our own flowers — thousands of them — on the family farm. But these aren't your average, everyday garden flowers. We only grow premium varieties bred for use by florists. In fact, some of the varieties we grow are only available to professional growers. We choose which ones we grow based on uniqueness, vase life and value. And we embrace the challenge of growing some of the most difficult, sought-after varieties.

By growing our own flowers, we're able to offer you varieties not commonly found in floral arrangements. That's because they're too difficult to get on the wholesale market, or they're too expensive to add to most arrangements — or both. And there are other benefits to having freshly grown flowers. We think you'll agree that the stems are stronger, the fragrance is greater and the vase life is longer.


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Ranunculus - Spring 2023


Blue Delphinium -Spring 2023


Pink Blush Ranunculus Spring 2023

Dream Touch Tulips

Dream Touch tulips grown in spring 2023.

2023 tulip harvest

2023 tulip harvest.

Design Impression tulips

Farm-grown Design Impression tulips.


Farm-grown daffodil.

farm-grown daffodils

Bucket full of daffodils from spring 2023.

Replete daffodil

Specialty Replete daffodil.

Farming Out Production

We want customers to be able to enjoy flowers year-round. Plus, some flowers just don't make as much sense for us to grow ourselves. That's why we also work with select wholesalers. It allows us to order in flowers from around the world nearly every day of the week. We can pair these with our locally grown products, or simply craft bouquets and arrangements when flowers aren't available on the farm.

Through our wholesalers, we're also able to order live plants. We're always updating our selection in the shop, or you can ask us about custom ordering one.

Flowers From Off the Farm

Flowers From Off the Farm

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